Chuck Vs Bo: Review


The name of the show is “Chuck.” But for weeks now, it’s Sarah Walker who is the driving force. This episode is no exception. It’s Sarah who decides its time to quit “spying” if they are going to have the future they envision, “maybe babies” and all. It’s Sarah who comes up with an alternative to Carmichael Industries, trading bullets for keyboards. And, ultimately, it’s Sarah who is willing to sacrifice it all to save Chuck.

In two weeks the show will be over. From the promo for next week’s “Chuck vs the Bullet Train” the struggle will be Sarah’s. She has the Intersect. We know it’s a deadly Intersect. We saw what it did to Morgan and we see the pain that Sarah experiences when flashing. As Yvonne has said repeatedly in interviews this week, Chuck & Sarah will have something taken away from them. And, more ominously, the taking is “slightly, slightly tragic.” How that all plays out is for later. Yvonne went on to say that the fans will be satisfied…but it will be an “edge of the seat” experience. So we cling to the hope that “alls well that ends well.” After our dedication for five years, I’m not sure that even Fedak would screw that up.