Dexter 8.12 Remember the Monsters? - Review

Dexter 8.12 Remember the Monsters? - Review

Once upon a time there was a quirky character named Dexter…Dexter Morgan. He was the adopted son of Detective Harry Morgan & big brother to Deb Morgan. As a young child he watched his mother brutally killed & dismembered. It sealed his fate. Dexter became a talented Forensic…

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Dexter 8.07 “Dress Code”

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Dexter 8.07 “Dress Code”


Last season, when Dexter initially tried to come to grips with his attraction to Hannah, he likened it to chemistry: “When some elements come together they create a reaction that can’t be reversed. They transcend chemistry.” There are so many elements and reactions in this episode it makes the original “Chemistry” episode seem tame.

Hannah made her grand re-entrance last week by drugging Dexter & Deb. The aftermath of this is Dexter waking up in a field, woozy from the drug & worried whether Deb is dead. Her call to him confirms she is not dead…but both realize that Hannah is still a force to be reckoned with. Obviously, she doesn’t want them both dead, yet.

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Our Dexter - Surprise Motherf**ker : REVIEW

Nine weeks. Nine wonderful weeks of Yvonne. And she survived, so there’s a glimmer of hope that she’ll be in “Dexter” season eight. And, if she does resurface, Hannah & Deb have finally found that common ground Hannah sought in the last episode: Deb’s a liar & a killer too!

The scene between Dexter & Hannah when he visits her in jail may sum up their relationship best: schizophrenic. They love each other. But he killed her father & she tried to kill his sister. He provides the evidence to get her arrested, then visits her in jail and tells her how much he misses her….


Our Dexter - The Dark Whatever : REVIEW

Once upon a time there were two people who found each other and started a relationship.  Oh, yes…and they’re both killers.

Dexter & Hannah are not your typical young couple.  The conversations over dinner are enlightening.

Dexter:  My Dark Passenger…My need to kill.  It’s like this thing living inside  me telling me what to do, saying I have to kill, leaving me no choice.

Hannah:  You’re not a puppet….


Our Dexter - Helter Skelter : REVIEW

Webster defines helter skelter as “in disorder; in hurry and confusion.” In Dexter’s world, it means trouble.

The episode centers on unusual alliances. Dexter & Isaak, when Issak has Hannah kidnapped. Deb & Hannah.  LaGuerta & the former captain, Tom, who was key in the investigation of the Bayside Butcher, but who she got fired. Normally, these people have no desire to be associated. But the “helter skelter” of these alliances form……


Our Dexter - Argentina : REVIEW

In the first episode of the season, Lt. Debra Morgan discovers that her step-brother & colleague, Dexter, is a serial killer. Shocking as that was, it’s even more amazing that eight episodes later, this Miami-Dade detective is asking her brother to take the life of a suspect, Hannah McKay, who Deb believes is getting away with murder.

Of course, complicating things even more is that the brother is having an…


Our Dexter - Run: REVIEW

It’s Yvonne on “Dexter” Sunday…week 2. As much as we want to learn…and see Yvonne…we’re only getting dribs of the Hannah story. It’s all compartmentalized in the ongoing Dexter milieu. But we’ll take what we can get…and next week promises to be more.

Hannah has quite a story to tell….


Chuck vs the Finale: Strahovski, Sarah & Goodbyes

Strahotski's finest LYKAON is back with the FINALE review:

Wow. I can’t believe the end has snuck up on us so quickly. Though I haven’t been able to keep up with Chuck as avidly as I once did, it does not make its graceful exit from television any less sad. It’s a sad day for nerds everywhere, and an especially sad day for us Yvonne Strahovski fans who have grown accustomed to a healthy dose of her awesomeness every week.

As much as we may not want to accept the end, it is upon us. We’re about to lose all of our beloved characters to television history, but as they say — all good things must come to an end. And boy was Chuck a good thing.


Chuck Vs Bo: Review


The name of the show is “Chuck.” But for weeks now, it’s Sarah Walker who is the driving force. This episode is no exception. It’s Sarah who decides its time to quit “spying” if they are going to have the future they envision, “maybe babies” and all. It’s Sarah who comes up with an alternative to Carmichael Industries, trading bullets for keyboards. And, ultimately, it’s Sarah who is willing to sacrifice it all to save Chuck.

In two weeks the show will be over. From the promo for next week’s “Chuck vs the Bullet Train” the struggle will be Sarah’s. She has the Intersect. We know it’s a deadly Intersect. We saw what it did to Morgan and we see the pain that Sarah experiences when flashing. As Yvonne has said repeatedly in interviews this week, Chuck & Sarah will have something taken away from them. And, more ominously, the taking is “slightly, slightly tragic.” How that all plays out is for later. Yvonne went on to say that the fans will be satisfied…but it will be an “edge of the seat” experience. So we cling to the hope that “alls well that ends well.” After our dedication for five years, I’m not sure that even Fedak would screw that up.


Chuck Vs the Santa Suit: REVIEW

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It’s been three years since the last “Chuck” Christmas episode. We all remember that Chuck gave Sarah his Mother’s charm bracelet…and Sarah killed Mauser, the Fulcrum agent, because he found out Chuck was the Intersect.

That was a tense episode, but nothing like “Chuck vs the Santa Suit” featuring the return of Chuck & Sarah’s most vile nemesis, Daniel Shaw.

With only six episodes left in the series, it seems fitting to bring back the bad-est of the bad guys –and certainly the most hated villain of the series — for one final showdown. And while the confrontation dominated the episode, there were other moments that elevate this episode to outstanding.

Yvonne Strahovski once again proves that Sarah is the heart and soul of this series. Her range of emotions in this episode is astounding. She shows such simple joy when the episode opens being the secret weapon in Ellie’s Operation Santa, having gathered the decorations, and, then telling announcing the arrival of Mr Pippers, the preppy polar bear for Casey; seeing her hatred and loathing when Shaw appears; watching her try to convince Shaw that he can still be a good man, then begging for to stop his violent plan; the sheer surprise when Chuck tells her that Beckman kissed him; and, the icy stare as Shaw reveals his final plan. Yvonne creates such depth to the character. Of course, seeing her free herself with the knife she keeps in those platforms was pretty astounding too. And that Ellie has tapped her as the secret weapon in Operation Santa again proves that Sarah has come full circle into the normal life she never thought she could have. She even wore the charm bracelet!

The episode offers the entire cast a chance to shine. Ellie & Awesome have another good episode, albeit slightly less dramatic than there adventures in the last episode. As the primary drivers of the “best Christmas ever” movement, they offer a sense of normalcy in what is a chaotic episode. And, Ellie gets at least part of her revenge on Shaw for the killing of her father.

Jeff & Lester get the chance to save the day when Morgan asks them to delve deeper into the virus, which they off-handedly do after consuming Subway subs and vast amounts of caffeine. They discover that the virus isn’t destroying computers, it is gathering information from the government computers. Their efforts lead Chuck to finalize his plan.

Casey again proves the depth of his character. From “cold school” assassin to dedicated team member & devoted father, Casey’s growth continues. His purchase of Mr Pippers, the preppy polar bear on Ebay for Alex shows how far he has come from discovering he has a daughter in “vs Tic Tac.” into truly acting like a father. After he’s shot and imprisoned by Shaw, he turns to that bear to leave Alex his final message . But, being Casey, he figures out a way to use the bear’s electronics to escape, to help save himself & Sarah. Perhaps his best moment was at Christmas, when he told Alex to her face the things he said on the “bear” message, ending with “You know that Grimes kid, he’s not so bad. You should maybe give him another chance.” Our Tin Man has a heart!

General Beckman shines in so many ways. Bonita Friedericy has some of her best performances this season, with this certainly at the top of the list. Beckman discovers who is behind the Plan. Her true allegiance is apparent in her declaration, “This is my team and nobody, especially Shaw, is gong to take us down.” She takes Chuck/Santa to the CIA Christmas party and helps him steal the devise from Decker’s office. But nothing demonstrates her commitment to the Team more than kissing Chuck: “Grow up Bartowski, you’re about to become a man!” And, when she said, “Let’s go save our girl,” she cemented herself as an active member of Team Bartowski. Inviting them back into the CIA was icing on the cake.

Of course, the crowning moment of the episode is the rematch of Chuck & Shaw in the Buy More. Last time, both Chuck & Shaw had the Intersect. Now, Shaw has the Intersect, and plans to upgrade it into 3.0 with the information gathered by the Omen virus. But Chuck again proves he’s smart with or without the Intersect. He uses Shaw’s plan against him, infecting the 3.0 upload with the Omen virus, and bringing an end to the Intersect in Shaw. Chuck also proves that he’s more than capable in the fist fight with Shaw. He’s no match for a gun, though. And so, just as in his last encounter with Shaw, it takes a woman to ultimately bring Shaw down. This time it’s Ellie. Taking down Shaw offers both Chuck & Ellie the opportunity to avenge their Father’s death.

It is a great episode, filled with the wonderful interaction of characters that we have grown to love and hate. It is dark and violent, but also filled with the quirky fun that has been a cornerstone of this series since the beginning. It showcased Yvonne’s ability to dominate an episode, even when she’s more distressed than kick-ass. It was a chance for all the

characters to be a part of the action, including Big Mike, the Buy More crew, and even Skip with mistletoe in an elf costume. And, it gave fans the Christmas episode that so many have wanted as we count down to the final episodes.

Next week’s episode looks to again showcase Yvonne’s Sarah as we finally meet her mother, and learn the secret to the mysterious reference to “the baby.”